Pedego Electric Bikes make riding more fun!

Pedal or Not

An electric bike is just like a regular bicycle – only better. You can pedal normally (or not), and get power when you want it. 

Freedom & Power

You have the freedom to go farther and faster, and to conquer hills and headwinds with ease. It feels like being a kid again.

Hello, fun…

There are plenty of reasons to ride an electric bike, and the best reason is simple – it’s fun. And who doesn’t like to have fun?

Why Pedego Electric Bikes?

Pedego is the number one brand of electric bikes in America because we put people first.

The most important part of every Pedego isn’t some high-tech gadget or fancy bicycle component – it’s the person riding it.

Producing great electric bikes is just the beginning. To be truly great, a company has to stand for something…

Pedego stands for you.

Don DiCostanzo
CEO/ Co-Founder

The Best Electric Bike

The best electric bicycle is the one that fits you best. It’s the one that’s the most fun, for you personally, to ride.

When you ride a Pedego, it’s not about how great the electric bike is. It’s about how great you yourself are… 

Pedego brings out the best in you.

That’s why Pedego owners don’t like their bikes – they love them. And you will too.

Electric Bike Information

Are you researching electric bicycles? Get straight answers to all your electric bike related questions. Here you can find loads of useful information – all in one place for your convenience. Pedego makes it quick and easy to learn all the important facts before you decide to buy an e-bike.

Electric Bike Basics

Electric Bike Basics

Pedego Advantages

Battery Details

Battery Details

Owning a Pedego

Pedego Stores:
Local Electric Bike Shops

Unique to Pedego is an international chain of stores that will help you find the perfect electric bicycle and get the most out of it.

Pedego store owners have been in your shoes. They start out as customers who fall in love with Pedego Electric Bikes and open stores to share their passion with you.

You’ll never find a more hardworking, fun-loving group of people, and they’re at your service.

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